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  • Learn to see opportunities for your showroom that are there for the taking, but hidden in the shadows
  • Identify possibilities and opportunities you never realized
  • Make being a Gold Standard Showroom™ your new normal
  • Share how you are going about your business in a unique or different way in the DPH industry by getting featured on our soon to be award-winning “Ask The Expert” series

The Change The Industry Has Been Asking For Has Arrived!

We’ve been helping bath, kitchen, lighting, stone, glass and design and build showrooms like yours with very specific needs turn online insights into income for almost a decade. However, the best aspect of our unique portfolio of services is that everything we do to make our clients’ lives easier and better is focused on return on investment. That’s right — everything is measured, systematized, scalable, and sustainable!

If the operational backbone and brain of the business development initiatives for your company aren’t able to tally the “metrics that matter most” in systematic and segmented ways, well, you can kiss your ability to generate predictable revenue and have a lifestyle that involves getting repeatable results and much more, bye-bye.

Virtually all of the clients we work with have suffered from the same crucial deficiency that obstructs their business growth, success, and increased wealth: they all viewed and attacked their business problems and opportunities from a linear, stationary, limited point of view — and we have a proven record of changing that. The Gold Standard Showroom™ way of life is a very simple, and massively rewarding proposition. We challenge you to view, think, and attack your business problems in a non-linear way — to expand your mind and think in a creative, three-dimensional, probing, and expansive way. We want you to see and embrace all the different ways you and your team can think differently, take a generic concept and spin it, monetize it, maximize it, be creative and innovative with it, and achieve life-changing business growth.

That’s exactly how we view business and we can teach your team to do the same.

But more than anything, it’s time to finally do the responsible thing when it comes to growing the number of inquiries and sales you are receiving from the internet at your showroom… the recipe you’re about to see revealed is the #1 way to earn more, do less and control more market-share in an instant!

Meet A Few Members Of The Gold Standard Showroom™ Club

Over the last 7 years, Monique’s has been awarded every national Showroom of the Year award you can win, increased revenue 26% year over year, and has a line-item ledger detailing exactly where thousands of inquiries came from, which inquiries lead to quotes, and how many inquires became customers. "We've won 3 national Showroom of the Year awards, have increased revenue 26% Year-over-Year the past 7 years, and have added more sales associates because of our success online... this team truly is the best out there and their results and growing popularity in the DPH industry prove it!"
Michael Battista
President / Monique's Bath Showroom
After two years of back and forth, the Prosource Supply team finally made the best investment for their business. With the new home page design to enhance the results of a primarily product-focused website (which is powered by SpecBooks™), and after our team course-corrected their Google Ads and added form and call tracking to their website, their five locations in the Carolinas are benefiting tremendously. Up and away, the ProSource Supply team is headed.
Jennifer Lopez
Director of Showroom Sales / ProSource Supply
H2O Supply has experienced world-class results from their internet marketing initiatives in ways they have never seen before working with our company. H2O averages one call per day from Google Ads, uses FB & email marketing advertising to grow their footprint in the design community, and leverages email marketing to acquire accounts from top builders in the Dallas Fort Worth area that they have never been able to reach in the past.
Jay Katz
Owner / H2O Supply
Nobody in the DPH industry has a more effective formula for turning browsers online into inquiries and sales in a more predictable, measurable and proven way than John, Austin and their talented team!
Ace Rosenstein
President / Bravo Business Media
I have never in my life gotten results like this or been part of a process that turns insights into income online as predictably as the ShowroomMarketing.com Method™ does.
Meghan McShea
Marketing Coordinator

Here Are The Top 10 Elements For Being A Gold Standard Showroom™ In 2021

1. Your Website Displays And Functions Optimally On All Devices (Smart Phone, Desktop Computer And A Tablet)
2. Your Marketing And Messaging Portrays The Company In A High-Tech And High-Touch Fashion
Using Video, Having Testimonials With Faces, Showcasing The Professional Associations You Belong To And Awards In Your Industry That You’ve Been Honored With, As Well As Highlighting The Charitable Causes You Support Is A Wonderful Way To Relate At The Highest Level With ‘Ideal’ Clients…
3. Your Website Has A Digitized Product Catalog (With Or Without e-Commerce Enabled) And You Use A Quote Creating Software And/Or Sales Optimization Software (i.e., A CRM)
4. You Have Installed A Call Tracking, Form Tracking, Wishlist And Live Chat Submission Tracking Software, An Appointment Creation Software And Added Heat-Mapping To Your Website So That You’re Able To Watch All Web Visitors Navigate, Click, Inquire, Or Buy From Your Site Regardless If They Reached Your Site From An Organic Or Paid Search, Social Media, By Directly Typing In Your Site Into The Browser, Or If They Came Via A Review Site Or Direct Mail Campaign
5. Your Team Is Publishing Compelling Content To Your Online Infrastructure, Engaging In Offline Networking And Business Development, And Belong To A Buying Group, The Decorative Plumbing And Hardware Association (The DPHA), The American Supply, Association (The ASA), Glass Build America, The International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA), The Natural Stone Institute, And More.

The ShowroomMarketing.Com Method™ Works Flawlessly With These Websites & Software Platforms

6. You Or Somebody On Your Team Knows The Percentage Of Searchers In Your Market Who Are Looking For And Seeing Your Message When Terms Like “Bath Or Kitchen Showroom Near Me” or “Design Center/Studio Near Me”… Product Category Searches Such As “Bathroom Vanities” Or “Farmhouse Sink”… And Searches For All Of The Brands You Carry In-Store And On Your Website Are Typed Into Google, Bing, Houzz And Beyond
7. You Are Systematically Tracking How A Lead Becomes A Quote As Well As Calculating The Exact Rate At Which Quotes Become Closed Business At Your Company… A Gold Standard Showroom™ Is Able To Present These Numbers For Each Sales Person And All Location At Their Company And Does So On A Monthly Basis
8. You Have Processes In Place For Improving The Top 10 Marketing And Sales Metrics That Matter Most For Bettering Your Bottom Like As Well As A Comprehensive Results Reporting Dashboard That Tracks Your Success On A Daily, Weekly And Monthly Basis
9. You Are Following This Proven Recipe For “Monopolizing” Your Marketplace On The Internet, And Beyond!
10. You Are Measuring, Monitoring, Adjusting And Controlling All Of Your Business Development Initiatives + Getting Coached On Applying More How-To Steps Into The Mix So That You’re Turning More Inquiries Into Closed Business Each Month And Your Results Are Getting Better, While Life Seems To Be Getting Easier (This Is What Clients Of ShowroomMarketing.com “REALLY WANT” And Receive Each Month)

We’ve Worked With Hundreds Of Gold Standard Showrooms™ Since 2013

Since partnering with Ocean Glass back in 2016, the company has become the epitome for their abilities to measure, monitor, adjust, and control outcomes when advertising on the internet. We've built an out-of-this-world website (with a really cool shower door configuration tool), dramatically decreased the cost-per-lead (CPL) in our Google Ad campaign, and created a sense of stability for the Ocean Glass team that they never had before! This account has seen its fair share of highs and lows over the years, but their CPL in June 2020 was the lowest we’ve ever seen. Trending in the proper direction is the most you can ask for with paid advertising.
Brian Lewis
Principal / Ocean Glass Company
As a second-generation business, Carpet Workroom wanted to “fast track” their success on the internet by buying their way to the first page of Google. Smart strategy, and the results have been proven to be beneficial from a sales standpoint. However, when compared to most clients, this company learned a lot more about the buying preferences of their target audiences through Google Ads. In fact, we've applied this data to other advertising channels (i.e., Facebook ads, Instagram ads, email marketing, and so on). Out of these advertising channels, we are currently examining what works best.
Matt Levetere
CEO / Carpet Workroom
With five locations spanning across several states, Simon’s Supply has consistently gained more market share and inquiries over the last three years. Even after working with the team at ShowroomMarketing.com for only 30 days, Simon’s Supply sees at least one new caller per day from our marketing efforts, maintains an average cost per inquiry of $12, and sees Simon’s Supply also sees more predictability than ever from their online business development initiatives—and we’re just getting started
Fred Felder
Owner / Simon Supply
Having a career in media that has spanned several decades, it's impressive to see a company helping brands and companies that have gone "beige" find their color and swagger again. If you're looking increase your reach, response rate and ROI, reach out to this team immediately!
Christine Miskinis
President / Rock It Out Woman
Since 2005, Deluxe Vanity & Kitchen has been on the lookout to find an all-encompassing solution to saturate the 1st page of Google and browsers with a high intent to buy in the Los Angles market and the surrounding suburbs. Although we were impressed when we began working with ShowroomMarketing.com in January 2020, what we didn't realize was how sustainable, systematic and scalable the results would be. Connect with John, Austin, and their great team as quickly as you can!
Roy Heskel
President / Deluxe Vanity
In the first few months, John, Austin, and their team visited our showroom in Ft Lauderdale, FL several times. We discussed website design, our advertising campaigns, filmed several videos, and reviewed a business development plan that has brought the best results we've been able to measure to date for our award-winning showroom and contracting business. This team gets it and can help in a multitude of ways.
Bill & Joe Feinberg
Owners / Allied Kitchen & Bath
After initially meeting Gaius and Blueberry, second-generation owners of the Shelter Institute at the Journal of Light Construction(JLC) show, we learned more about the challenges and concerns they had about advertising on the internet during a Getting Acquainted Call. Once we were on the same page, we rolled out a multi-step roadmap that included building a new web store, helping them design a DIY course for timber framers to bring to market, and tracking hundreds of phone calls, form fill-outs, and location clicks to their workshop and retail store based in Woolrich, ME. Over the years, this company has certainly leveraged our skill sets and competencies!
Gaius Hennin & Blueberry Beeton
Co-Owners / Shelter Institute