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ProSource Supply First Reached Out To Our Team Because They Wanted To “Win” More Inquiries And Sales Through The Internet, Blanket The 1st Page Of Google, And Track Every Phone Call, Form Fill-Out And Wishlist Back To Where A Web Searcher Initially Found Them Online!

Before we partnered in mid-2020 , ProSource was curious to know if they were following a "winning" blueprint with their website design, functionality of the site, and if the results they were getting each month from a fairly lofty advertising and marketing spend with Google, and beyond, was yielding could be compared to what other "Gold Standard Showrooms™" in 2020 were currently returning through the internet channel.

The Old ProSource Website

Pics Of The Original

The Current ProSource Website

There is a belief among showrooms and supply houses spanning North america that having a product catalog available on your showroom website is THE way to go. However, conversely, there is also TONS of data supporting why pairing or partnering a product catalog based website with a website (especially on the homepage) that shows the high-tech and high-touch nature of your company's nurture provides more of an optimal viewing experience for you website's browsers.

The golden rule for a website is that it's not about what your messaging says or how clever you say it; what matters most to your website's visitors is how they feel while browsing and absorbing the messaging you're using to show them how and why YOUR COMPANY is the best solution for their unmet needs and why your company is better or different than the other options.

So, if you're looking to "wi n" more inquiries and sales + gain more market share from the internet channel, it is imperative to showcase your company's value-add with a website that maximizes this list of proven profitable ingredients that a vast majority of Gold Standards Showrooms™ have on their company's website.

If you ask Jennifer, Heidi, Brad, or another sales associates at ProSource Supply, they will likely tell you how easy and effortless is should be to get an accurate update on where "you stand" and what is working best for turning browsers into buyers with your website design, through your business development initiatives, how effective your tracking is for showing the rate at which web browsers are turning into quotes and sales, and what you should do next to get as many 'ideal' clients and people in the trades that buy your product offerings most to crawl over broken glass, on naked knees to work with the amazing team at your showroom.

If You're Not Going To Do The "Responsible" Thing Now, When Will You?

Here is the 4-step formula ProSource Supply followed for putting their business on the fast-track for operating using many of the best practices in the industry and for getting world-class results from their business developing initiatives.

If they can adjust their daily doings and roles-and-goals across 5 showrooms and throughout over 100 employees, how effortless do you think it'll be for you to put this same formula in place for your business!

Step #1 - Take The Gold Standard Showroom™ Test and allow us to use our "Monopolize Your Marketplace" game-board... which is all of the spaces and places that matter most for becoming the "big fish" in the online ocean in the markets and zip codes where you serve clientele.

Step #2 - Have John Gosselin, our CEO and somebody who has analyzed more than 10,000 websites in the design and build community, film a review video of your current website.

Here is the Website Review Video that John filmed for Heidi at ProSource at the beginning of the relationship building process. Heidi will be the first to admit that she is living in the Flintstones era while most of us are stressing out about how to dominate in the Jetson's era. (She's a non-techie in other worlds) LOL

Step #3 - Have our team create a Market Analysis Report for your showroom.

Step #4 - Have the #1 digital marketing expert in the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware industry and co-founder of The Method™ film one of his world famous Analytics Intelligence Videos.

Austin Pike has built an impressive track-record of success over the past 7 years by helping showrooms turn more online insights into income.

However, before diving too deep into Austin's accomplishments, here is the video he filmed for the team at ProSource that showed where they were at operationally as well as what they needed to do to get on the fast-track to earning more and doing less in today's, internet-driven economy.

Doing Thoughtful Differently" & Being Thought Leaders For The Industry

After a few years of successfully helping kitchen, bath, lighting and hardware showrooms ramp-up results and trim time with their business development initiatives, Austin was recognized for his talents and awarded by the National Kitchen and Bath Association in 2017 as a member of their 30 Under 30 community.

Since then, Austin and his business partner, John Gosselin, have exhibited at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and spoke several times at the event as a part of the "Voices In The Industry" program. Austin was also asked to be a panelist by the NKBA for the "Innovative Product" and "Showroom of the Year" awards at Design & Construction Week.

This dynamic duo are also members of the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association and exhibited at the 2019 DPHA Product Showcase in Seattle. John also serves on the Marketing and Event Committee for the DPHA, and will surely be a large part of the planning for the 2020 Product Showcase - especially seeing there is a virtual element due to COVID.

During the COVID-19 shutdown (on Cinco de Mayo to be exact), John and Austin presented this webinar to dozens of DPHA members that was titled _______.

The industry doesn't even know about it yet, but was just accepted as an official service provider for the Luxury Products Group and IMARK. To officially introduce their company to LPG Nation, John and Austin put together a REALLY cool and exciting offer to say "Hello" and prompt the dealer members of LPG to take action on the 4 items listed above.

  • Michael Battista Monique's Bath Showroom
  • Fred Felder Simon's Supply
  • Jay Katz H2O Supply
  • Bill Farlow Beeson Supply
  • Gene Goforth Architectural Hardware

If you're a showroom and want to have TOTAL TRANSPARENCY, MEASURABILITY and SCALABILITY with how web browsers are becoming sales opportunities and closed business at your showroom(s), then you're going to want to watch this quick video of how easy and effortless we make it for your sales team to maximize every inquiry you get and relationship that you're currently building.

We've been told NOTHING like this exists in the DPH industry :)

Now that you've watched this quick demo of our "No Lead Left Behind" Lead Scoring Sheet, you should visit our website and take The Gold Standard Showroom Test™ - that is, if you're serious about being responsible and getting-in on the internet game while there is still market share available.

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